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+ Functional Movement Training

With functional training, you train muscles to work with each other, which helps better prepare the body to perform normal daily tasks. The focus is on making common daily movements easier, whereas other forms of training are often geared solely towards weight loss or similar ideas. Instead of focusing on one body part at a time, functional movements call for the use of multiple joints and many muscles at the same time. Think of it as copying your body's daily movement patterns while strengthening your core and providing you with increased stability.

+ Why is proper form so important?

One of the most important reasons to maintain proper form during weight bearing exercises is to prevent injury. When we lift a lot of heavy weight, this can cause the body to become misaligned which can place your tendons, muscles and joints in positions that can potentially cause strains or tears. In the videos below, we demonstrate and break down each step in a squat as well as a push up to highlight where things can go wrong when performing each move.