Indoor cycling


Rhythm & Performance


Get ready to sprint, climb and torch some serious calories. Our indoor cycling theater offers sensory illumination and a premium sound system, making every ride immersive and awe-inspiring.


clip in and rock out

With rhythm (fully body) and performance (traditional) group classes, you can clip in, rock out and escape to the energizing playlists and heart-pumping programming. Our signature rhythm rides blend DJ-inspired beats, invigorating choreography and hand weight movements. In our performance classes, we combine speed, power and endurance to challenge riders at every level.


race to the top of the digital leaderboard

After each ride, you’ll receive a personalized email with your workout stats from FitMetrix. Track your progress and reward yourself as you crush one goal after another.


CORE Cycle 45
This 45-minute beat-driven ride is a high-intensity and low-impact cardio party! We use HIIC (High Intensity Interval Cycling) combined with upper body hand weights. Each instructor brings their own flavor of endorphins, inspiration and empowerment.

This metrics-based class will give you an outdoor ride experience. The ride is driven by power, RPM, mileage and performance drills. It’s perfect for the rider who wants that extra push and competitive edge.


In a pinch for time? This 30-minute cardio blast is perfect for busy people who want to get a great work-out in and then go along with their day.

Take our Cycle Class and CORE Signature Class and combine the two for the ultimate mix up! We will take you on a ride for 30 minutes and then take you into the “Green Room” for our CORE Full Body for an express circuit.

30/30 HYBRID
Get the best of both worlds with 30 minutes of high-intensity cycling, followed by 30 minutes of HIIT/Tabata training using resistance bands, core exercises, dumbbells and more! Each class offers a unique 30-minute training program with modifications available!

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