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Our highly trained staff is committed to creating insightful workouts that fulfill your goals.

What is Indoor Cycling?

Indoor cycling is full of heart-pumping cardio that burns 600-1000 calories an hour. We promote fitness as well as fun with great playlists that keep you engaged with every revolution! Each class will have a variety of hills, flats, and speed work. As with all of our classes, we provide modifications for all fitness levels.

Taking class with us for the first time?  

We recommend starting with our Intro to CORE offer of 5 for $49.  Check out five of our best classes and find your new limit!

What classes do you offer?

Each of our classes are taught by our highly trained and certified instructors.  Our classes are all levels providing an amazing workout each ride!  Each class incorporates a different amount of cycling; be sure to check out our schedule as well.


Learn how to safely set up your Keiser M3i before gearing up in class! Our highly trained instructors can provide additional support as well.  You will need to book your spot online to provide you with the best cycling experience.

Heart rate training

We have MYZONE + Fitmetrix X4 belts available to use in-house and to purchase. Each studio is equipped with a torque board that allows you to see your stats in realtime even from your Keiser M3i.  Push yourself to your limit - no one else's!  Ask a front desk attendant for more details on heart rate monitors.