Walk in eager to learn and walk away with energy and strength like you've never felt before.

Located @ 727 East Ave Pawtucket, RI

CORE Studios Personal Trainers

Have you been on the lookout for exceptional personal trainers in RI? Are you eager to learn exercises and routines you can use for the rest of your healthy life?

Whether you're a lifelong athlete or weekend warrior, in need of sports related rehab or specialized support, our personal trainers get to know your aspirations inside and out - regardless of age or level of ability.

At CORE's Pawtucket-based personal training studio, we have the trainers and tools to help you surpass your fitness goals with flying colors.

Here's what to expect: CORE'S personal training process starts with high-touch, one-on-one guidance that informs a program that we customize and design just for you.

Our personal training philosophy helps us readily identify your functional limitations and asymmetries, measuring the most beneficial corrective exercises to restore mechanically sound movement patterns.

So what does that all mean, exactly?

Let us translate: Our certified personal trainers will put you on the fast track to health and wellness while teaching you the skills you'll need to stay on the top of your game. 

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