Proper alignment for a push-up

Here is an excellent tutorial on how to do a push-up with proper alignment.  The benefits are endless when done correctly.

     Here at CORE Studios, we provide dynamic, challenging smart workouts.  To effectively deliver this in the class room or in a private lesson, we are always checking for proper form.  One basic move, such as a push up, can be done effectively yielding great results.  However, if done improperly, the results will be quite different and possibly end in injury.

      You will begin in a quadruped position (prone position all fours).  Start by holding your bodyweight with your shoulders over the wrists, and your feet are in either a shoulder width position or, if more advanced, feet together.
At CORE, when a postural test is done, we use a rod to place on the back of the clients head, shoulders and glutes as they lower down into a push up.  This test shows us whether or not the spine is moving, extending, or the shoulders are collapsing.   A proper push up is a functional basic bodyweight move that will enhance a workout routine either at home or at the gym.