Squat Tutorial at CORE Studios

Our goal is to help individuals learn to establish the proper feet position based on their hip architecture for performing a proper squat.  We start by showing the limit of each persons body in a quadraped position.  

With the knees together, one would slowly shift backwards until the break in the spinal position.  That will show you where your spine and pelvis start to change position which is not what you want under a weighted load for safety. 

Next, you will need to increase the width between the knees to look for the spinal break and see if you are able to keep that same depth.  With the knees completely open hip-width apart and feet aligned proceed to shift backwards again looking for that break point.  This will give you the best idea of where to take your squat in standing position.

From your standing position, with light weight of some sort (i.e., kettle bell, dumb bell) in your hands, adjust your feet to the width based on your floor position in the previous step.  Keeping feet aligned with the knee, elbows are going in towards the inside of the knees.  Maintain a neutral spine as you lower into your squat stopping right before the breaking point that was discovered in the previous exercise and then back to standing squeezing your glutes on the way up.

Knowing how to squat properly will enhance your workouts safely while giving you the desired results.