CORE Pilates Mind/Body Team Welcomes Jean Rattle!

CORE's new Pilates instructor, Jean Rattle Jean first discovered Pilates while teaching at an art college in Chicago. She became hooked by the mental focus and physical precision required by Pilates, and noticed how much more energetic and efficient she had become in other areas of her life. After moving to Los Angeles, she received her comprehensive Pilates certification in mat and equipment through Body Arts and Science International. She then worked at a Pilates and physiotherapy practice in downtown LA, where she trained a wide variety of clients, including people recovering from surgery or injury, athletes interested in enhancing their performance, and others interested in improving their fitness.

Jean's approach to training is to focus on the individual needs and goals of her clients. She loves working with people at all levels of ability and physical condition, and is especially passionate about introducing new people to Pilates. She strongly believes that Pilates is for everyone and is a valuable tool in maintaining long-term health and mobility.

Currently she runs, swims, and practices yoga in addition to Pilates, and enjoys experimenting with other types of movement and exercise. You can often find her running with her two-year-old daughter on the Blackstone path.