Ask the Trainer


Q: I was told that if I worked out on an empty stomach, I would burn more calories from fat. Is that true?

A: Yikes! Coming to class on an empty stomach is like trying to run your car with no gas in the tank. Because you have no fuel, you will work at a lower level of intensity and have to take more frequent breaks. If you don't normally eat breakfast, start slow. I call it the sandwich method: meal, workout, meal. Eat a light meal beforehand. Maybe a banana with peanut butter, some almonds with greek yogurt, and add some milk to your coffee. You want to intake between 150-200 calories at least! Then work out and have your last part of the sandwich. Have light breakfast #2 afterwards. This meal should be about another 150-200 calories. Try grabbing a bobo bite or a protein replacement bar on your way home! You will find that you will have a more effective work out and burn more calories with fuel in your stomach.