Summer Running-Drink It Up


Hi Everyone!  There has been some great weather for running lately.  It is important to remember that as it gets warmer that you need to be hydrating!  Water is great but make sure you are also having drinks that include electrolytes.  Make sure you drink throughout the entire day, especially before and after your run.

Not having the below 0 temperatures in the mornings has made the Tuesday and Friday morning Outdoor Running Clinics much more fun!  We have been doing a variety of workouts on the track, boulevard, and hills.  We have a great group that has been coming (shout out to Dave, Dan, Libby, Lori, Jamie, Sally & Kim!) and look forward to more joining us!

As far as my own running goes I have had the chance to run a some races over the past few weeks and plan to run a race this weekend (so I will let you know how that goes!).  Most recently I ran the Gaspee Day 5k in Warwick on 6/14.  It was a tough race but I was able to hold off the competition and won!

Have a great rest of your week!

Katie, Running Coach