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+ What is Tabata? Is it right for me?

Tabata is high intensity type of interval workout that was inspired by Dr. Izumi Tabata. All-out extreme intensity for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. This cycle is repeated for 8 rounds or 4 minutes total. Dr. Izumi Tabata found that this protocol improved both the aerobic and anaerobic systems of the athletes. At CORE, we provide clear instruction in each of our classes including Tabata and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) giving everyone the ability to train at his/her best.

+ Indoor Cycling

Rev up your cycling skills with CORE. Our instructors will maximize your heart rate, wattage, and cadence on our Keiser M3 bikes in our sleek Providence-based indoor cycling studio. Push your limits and have fun doing it with your fitness tribe. Want to switch it up? We suggest our Indoor Cycle/Tabata Circuit classes. Want more of a challenge? Check out Denise's Race Day advanced class.


High Intensity Interval Training is where it's at for maximum caloric burn. This cardio-intensive timed class will burn fat and increase muscle in the shortest amount of time, using circuit training with various props and equipment. Clean sneakers required. Sanity optional.

+ COREFit Circuit

One of our signature workouts that uses a variety of weights, body-bars, tubing, as well as steps or BOSU balls, to provide you with a full body workout. Add in some cardio intervals between strength and fat-burning segments, and you've got yourself a heart-pounding, fat-burning workout that you can't get anywhere else in Rhode Island.

+ Straight Up Strength

Perfect for anyone looking to put on some muscle mass, CORE's Strength Training program is suitable for all fitness levels and highly recommended for those who have or are at risk for osteoporosis. Our strength training studio in Pawtucket is overflowing with the latest and greatest equipment to help you feel stronger than ever before.

+ COREFit Bootcamp

This class will incorporate an interval style workout combining weight training, core stability exercises and bursts of cardiovascular work in between sets of strength. This class is designed to “surprise” the muscles and challenge your CORE. We will incorporate heavy weights, light weights, resistance bands, jump ropes, gliders, and either step benches or BOSU balls. This class is doable for all levels of fitness with modifications.


Cardio and strength! Circuits of cardio and strength utilizing BOSU® balls (balance training!) and TRX® (suspension training). No body part left untouched and your heart rate will soar!

+ What is Functional Movement Training?

With functional training, you train muscles to work with each other, which helps better prepare the body to perform normal daily tasks. The focus is on making common daily movements easier, whereas other forms of training is often geared solely towards weight loss or similar ideas. Instead of focusing on one body part at a time, functional movements call for the use of multiple joints and many muscles at the same time. Think of it as copying your body's daily movement patterns while strengthening your core and providing you with increased stability.

+ COREFit 360° Burn

This class will take you into 4 minutes of strength and 4 minutes of cardiovascular intervals using all muscle groups until the full body has been worked for the 60 minutes. This class is challenging but modifications will be given for all levels.

+ COREFit Cycle.Sweat.Burn

The class will consist of 30 minutes of cycling followed by a 25-30 minute bodyweight, strength, and core series. This class will not consist of any plyometric/jumping exercises.

+ Tabata/Interval Cycling

20 minutes of indoor cycling followed by 64 rounds of heart pumping tabata exercises. Participants will utilize weights, kettlebells, BOSU, gliders, and more to push their bodies to the limit. If you are looking for a good sweat, you will not be disappointed!

+ CORE Body Barre

Take a trendsetting Barre workout and add a CORE signature twist to get a full-body workout with CORE Body Barre. Starting off with an upper body, core, and lower body warm up, we follow up with a full lower-body toning series at our ballet barre and polish it off with an abdominal series. This hot new workout is not just a passing trend, it truly does the trick to sculpt long, lean, and toned muscles.

+ 30 Min Express Cycling

Short on time? Our 30 minute express cycling class will challenge your heart rate and improve your cardiovascular system all in just 30 minutes! We will get you in, out and on your way with a great ride. under your belt.

+ Indo-Row®/TRX®

Cardio and strength! This class incorporates circuits of Rowing with circuits of strength moves on the TRX (suspension training). A total body workout in less than an hour!